Composition of PP film blowing machine

PP film blowing machine mainly by the extruder, head, die, cooling device, stable foam frame, herringbone board, Traction Roller, coiling device and so on.
1. Extruder, extruder mainly by the screw, barrel plus hopper, deceleration and drive motor components, drive motor using electromagnetic speed regulating motor (also can be used for General Motors), through the belt drive Drive reducer to make the screw in the barrel rotary motion ; The molten plastic is filtered through three-way through a tee to squeeze the plastic granules of the hopper in the external heat.
2. Tee, consisting of three parts: Filter screen, filter plate and tee gland;
3. Die head;
4. Cooling device, composed of cooling wind ring, duct, blower, etc.
5. Traction, by the traction frame, herringbone board, Traction Roller, take-up mechanism and traction motor, such as the main components;
6. Electrical control part, the general unit is equipped with the unit operation cabinet, by the total button according to the total power supply, open the motor total switch, respectively, through the button switch control fuselage and three-way, mouth mold each button electrothermal, the key part of the two groups of coils using thermocouple automatic temperature measurement and automatic temperature control, normal production process, the temperature can be automatically controlled, To ensure that the production process is stable and reliable.