Safe operation procedure of automatic die-cutting machine

1. Automatic die-cutting machine operators must undergo a rigorous training, qualified, skilled before the operation of automatic die-cutting.
2. Start the automatic die-cutting machine should check whether the equipment is normal, switch and safety devices are reliable, and lubrication of the components to lubricate;
3. Check the above equipment without tools and other items, so as not to press bad automatic die-cutting machine equipment;
4. Automatic die-cutting machine in the boot, only one person to operate, and check whether the equipment has other work;
5. Fully automatic die-cutting machine in repair, adjustment, refueling, maintenance, cleaning, must be in a stop state, and fully automatic die-cutting machine in the safety cover open, press stop button;
6. When the operation of automatic die-cutting, will prohibit the hand plate, paper table adjustment internal, if need to adjust, must stop automatic die-cutting machine, production process strictly prohibit drilling machine, adjust equipment;
7. Fold and load the template must be open protection settings, and carefully check the fastening device is safe;
8. When using endless paper, operators must leave the work area of the fingers, in order to avoid risk, in the process of hanging paper, to pay attention to observe whether there is abnormal phenomenon, so as to avoid damage to the automatic die-cutting machine, fall, the operator should stand on the side of the automatic die-cutting machine to keep feet from the ground.