The difference between flexo printing and offset printing in label printing machine

First Flexo Printing is a direct label printing method, it is by the elastic convex image plates, plates glued to the printing plate cylinder, printing plate by a carved metal anilox roller for ink, it can be called light plate printing.
Flexo printing is characterized by its flexibility, economic nature, and environmental benefits, environmental protection. According to its printing characteristics, the selection of quadrochromatic should be suitable for the flexible version of the manuscript to suit his various patterns.
Offsctdruckereien is a label printing, it relies on the printing plate on the printed version of the printing method, and hence the name, its rubber cloth in the label printing plays an irreplaceable role. Label Printing Offsctdruckereien, it is not suitable for the printing surface without suction film, more need to dry ink. But it can make up for the substrate surface unevenness, so that the full transfer of ink, can reduce the printing plate of water, suitable for high-volume printing, China's label market characteristics.