What Factors In Production Will Affect Ink Adhesive Force?

  1. Ink component

The main factor that affect ink adhesive force is that the resin that used in ink production do not have the best wetting ability to the printing material.

2. Interface energy of printing material

To ensure the adhesion, we must do some treatment on the material surface to let the surface energy reach to at least 0.038N/m(BOPP)

3. The relative humidity and temperature of working shop

When the relative humidity going up, the adhesive force will increase in the beginning, and decrease again later. That means the suitable relative humidity has a range, temperature is very important during pirnting, it will affect the material drying, material tension. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the vertical register, also the ink on the material will dry too fast and it will make the adhesive force decrease.

The suitable temperature should be less than 30℃, and it will have different value according to printing material, ink thickness, printing speed and so on.

4. Ink thickness

When the thickness increase, the ink adhesive force will decrease.