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Advantages of extrusion laminating process in pharmaceutical packaging production

Update time : 2020-12-04

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Advantages of extrusion laminating process in pharmaceutical packaging production
The extrusion laminating process has five advantages in the production of pharmaceutical packaging. Let's give you a detailed introduction.
extrusion laminating process
The amount of adhesive used is small, with very low or no residual solvent

The extrusion laminating process is a method of manufacturing a composite film that uses an extrusion laminating machine to extrude the adhesive resin to laminate the composite materials. A small amount of AC agent is used, and there is very low or no residual solvent. In the control of the residual solvent amount, Extrusion laminating has an absolute advantage over dry laminating, and it can guarantee the requirement of the solvent residue of the medicine packaging for the compound film for medicine packaging.

Good hygiene

The extruded composite heat-sealing layer is made by the extruder to coat the molten LDPE on the substrate through high temperature heating in a GMP production environment, so that the hygienic performance of the product is better guaranteed. The dry composite or solvent-free composite heat-sealable PE layer is a blown or cast PE film, most of which are not produced in a GMP clean environment, and there is a greater risk in hygienic performance. At the same time, because the coated LDPE does not contain oxidants, slip agents, etc., the coated LDPE is used as the heat seal layer, and it is more hygienic than other materials in terms of compatibility with drugs, whether it is migration or adsorption, so it is more suitable for the packaging of drugs. 

The thickness of each layer of the extrusion-coated composite film can be freely adjusted and controlled

The thickness of the dry composite film is determined by the selected substrate and cannot be adjusted. Especially for the heat-sealing layer controlled below 30μm, the blown film cannot be satisfied. The thickness of the extruded composite extruded layer can be set arbitrarily from 12μm-50μm. Through online automatic thickness measurement, real-time monitoring of product thickness changes, through the man-machine interface to set the thickness deviation range, and detect excessive phenomenon. Through the alarm device, it can alarm in time, implement online automatic die gap adjustment on the man-machine interface in time, correct the thickness deviation, accurately control the thickness deviation, and print the detection data record to ensure stable product quality.

Choose different thermoplastic resins to produce composite materials with different functions

Using pure LDPE as the extruding heat-sealing layer, the heat-sealing strength of the extrusion compound is about 20N/15mm, which is especially suitable for general packaging materials with a content of less than 500g. MLLDPE, IR and other heat-sealing resin coatings are used as the heat-sealing layer to improve the low-temperature heat-sealability, anti-pollution sealing property, and hot-adhesive strength of the composite film, increase the fast packaging speed, ensure anti-pollution, sealing performance, and ensure product quality Shelf life. The use of special resin coating as the heat seal layer can also produce easily peelable materials.

The notch of the composite film is easy to tear, which is convenient for patients to use

The right-angle tear strength of the extruded composite composite film with laminating LDPE as the heat seal layer is lower than the right-angle tear strength of dry composite, and it has a good performance in terms of product tearability. At the same time, the tensile strength of the heat-sealable LDPE film of the coated film is not as good as the tensile strength of the dry-process composite heat-sealable blown film. It has excellent cutting performance in automatic equipment packaging, and there is less continuous cutting of the blown PE composite film. . This performance is widely used in easy-to-tear product packaging.

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