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Advantages of gravure printing machine

Update time : 2020-11-05

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Advantages of gravure printing machine

gravure printing machines

The products printed by the gravure printing machine have the advantages of thick ink layer, rich layers, strong three-dimensional effect, and good printing quality. This machine is mainly used to print exquisite color pictures, trademarks, decorations, securities and color newspapers. Due to the complicated plate-making process, long cycle and environmental pollution of benzene-containing inks, gravure printing machines have not been widely used in China. Therefore, measures such as improving the plate-making process, shortening the plate-making time, using pollution-free inks, reducing energy consumption, and reducing costs are being studied and improved.

The main feature of the gravure printing machine is that the graphic part on the printing plate is concave and the blank part is convex, which is exactly the opposite of the layout structure of the relief printing machine. When the machine is printing a single color, the printing plate is first immersed in the ink tank and rolled, and the entire surface of the printing plate is covered with ink. Then, the ink layer belonging to the blank part of the surface of the printing plate is scraped off, the convex part forms a blank, and the recessed part is filled with ink. The deeper the recess, the thicker the ink layer. The machine transfers the ink in the recessed part to the printed matter by pressure to obtain the printed matter.

When printing multiple colors on a gravure printing machine, the overprinting method or indirect partial ink coating method is adopted, so that the inks of various colors are distributed on the relevant part of the surface of the printing plate as needed. The basic printing principle of printing multiple colors is the same as that of printing single colors. There are two main printing plates used in gravure printing machines, one is photogravure, that is, photocopying plate; the other is engraving plate. The engraving of the engraving plate includes manual engraving, mechanical engraving and electronic engraving.

Compared with traditional printing machines, the advantages of PP printing machines:
1. You can print fine patterns on the surface of crystal, PVC, glass, metal, ceramics, Jacari, etc. regardless of the material.
2. There is no surface contact with the printed pattern to avoid any damage to some fragile printed matter.
3. Suitable for ultra-thin substrates and products of any shape up to 20 cm thick.
4. There is no need to make a plate, taking into account the printing of small batch products.
5. There is no need for color registration, multi-color printing at one time, perfect color transition.
6. The operation procedure is simple, that is, spray and dry, and it has the characteristics of efficient and fast personalized output.
7. High yield and long service life.

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