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Bag making process for printed matter processing

Update time : 2020-09-21

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Bag making process for printed matter processing

characteristics of bag making and sealing

After the printed matter is compounded, the process of folding and pressing into a bag is bag making. There are three methods of bag making and sealing, each of which has different characteristics. When using a printing machine to make bags, there are certain requirements for printing and four precautions need to be paid attention to. Let me give you a detailed introduction.

1. Classification and characteristics of bag making and sealing

(1) Mechanical end method
The most commonly used method of the mechanical end method is to twist the packaging. In addition, there is also a method of binding with wire, rope, and thread.
(2) Sticky
The bonding method uses viscose for pressing. The gel used has two types: pressure-sensitive (pressure-sensitive adhesive) and heat-sensitive (heat-sensitive adhesive). The former is cold-pressed and the latter is hot-pressed.
(3) Hot legal
The heat method is a method that uses heating elements to quickly melt and press the film. The bag made by this method has higher strength and better protection performance.

2. Precautions for bag making and printing requirements

(1) The finished bag should have a certain strength and tightness, can withstand a certain quality of content, and ensure that it will not crack and leak during the circulation process, and meet the requirements of protecting the content.
(2) The heat sealing temperature of different materials is different, and the heat sealing temperature should be slightly higher than the melting point of the material to facilitate the melting and flow of the material. After determining the heat-sealing temperature, the heat-sealing pressure and heat-sealing time should also be determined. Too much pressure or too long can easily cause degradation of macromolecules, which will reduce the sealing strength and lead to poor sealing.
(3) Pay attention to the control of the tension of the machine during printing and compounding to avoid the deformation of the printing unit size and affect the process operation of bag making.
(4) The printed color block and cursor should have a large contrast with the background color to facilitate the identification of the electric eye during the bag making process.

Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co., Ltd. is proficient in the bag-making process of printed matter and is familiar with various bag-making and sealing methods and characteristics. If you have any questions about the precautions for bag making, you can contact us.

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