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Corona value of printing film

Update time : 2021-01-06

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Corona value of printing film
When using a printer to print products, the corona value detection function of the printing surface is to ensure the firm adhesion between the film and the ink and enhance the composite strength. What are the requirements for the corona value of the printing film? The specific operation steps and precautions are as follows:
corona value of printing film
Commonly used printing film corona value requirements
BOPP, MOPP, KCNY ≥38 dyne
PET ≥48 dyne
BOPA ≥52 dyne

①According to the required corona value of the film printing surface, select the test liquid (pen) of the same value.
②Take a clean and complete test surface, use a test pen on the horizontal position of the test surface, from one end to the other, apply a uniform and continuous test liquid.
③Judgment: Observe whether the test liquid applied on the test surface shrinks within two seconds. If shrinkage occurs, determine that the corona value of the test position is less than the value of the test liquid. If there is no shrinkage In case of condition, it is determined that the corona value of the detection position is greater than or equal to the value of using the test liquid.

①The detection position of the film must be complete, dry, free of particles and oily impurities.
②Do not use expired test pens (liquid).
③The test liquid is a multi-component volatile mixed liquid. It should be sealed in time after use and placed in a place away from direct sunlight.
④ If the corona value is not up to the required film material, it should be processed according to the unqualified raw material procedure.

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