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How to purchase gravure printing machine

Update time : 2020-12-15

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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How to purchase gravure printing machine
Large-scale gravure printing machine is currently the most important key machine in the flexible packaging industry. To measure the production capacity of an enterprise, it is generally judged by the number of large-scale gravure printing machine it owns. Therefore, after technical and economic analysis and evaluation, how to purchase gravure printing machine reasonably has become the most critical decision issue for enterprises. Let's briefly introduce it below.
how to purchase gravure printing machine
The selection of large-scale gravure printing machine should first consider its application in production, so as to give full play to its investment effect; secondly, it must be technologically advanced to avoid being quickly eliminated by industry technology; finally, there must be a complete benefit evaluation and tracking system To ensure the economic benefits of machine selection.
When choosing, printing companies need to measure whether the machine productivity is compatible with the company's business policy, factory planning, production plan, transportation capacity, etc., to avoid imbalances in production and failure to keep up with service supply. The machine must meet the technical requirements of the product process, be reliable, safe, and conform to the principles of ergonomics, be easy to operate, and be flexible in control.
Printing companies must also consider the design and manufacturing quality and maintainability of the machine when purchasing. The longer the mean time between failures of its main components, the better. You can refer to the reliability indicators of product design provided by the machine manufacturer for selection. At the same time, printing companies should also consider the performance of machine to ensure production safety. The machine should have necessary safety protection designs and devices to avoid human and machine accidents and economic losses. Finally, printing companies also need to consider the environmental protection of their machine, and require their noise, vibration frequency, and harmful emissions to be controlled within the scope of national and regional standards when selecting models.

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