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Ink adjustment of gravure printing machine

Update time : 2020-10-23

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Ink adjustment of gravure printing machine

General Rotogravure Printing Machine

Most inks sold by gravure printing press manufacturers set factory quality standards for indicators such as accuracy, density and fineness, but they may need to be adjusted according to different requirements when printing. The gravure printing ink is composed of solid resin, volatile solvents, pigments, fillers and additives. It does not contain vegetable oil, and most of its drying methods are volatile. The gravure printing machine ink can be divided into three types: photocopy gravure printing machine ink; plastic gravure printing machine ink; alcohol-soluble gravure printing machine ink. Next, we will introduce three methods to reduce ink density and ink density:

1. Use ink to adjust the concentration
Soy sauce (also called gold oil) is a material composed of various ingredients except pigments in the ink. Therefore, when the concentration is adjusted using soy sauce, the viscosity will remain unchanged, only the resin and pigment formulations change.
Using adjusting ink to dilute, in addition to reducing the concentration, can also improve gloss and transparency. However, if a large amount of soy sauce is used in a small amount of ink, it tends to cause clogging, so be careful.

2. Adjust the concentration with thinner
The thinner (also called the thinner) is a kind of transparent ink made by replacing the pigment part of the ink formula with the so-called "extender pigment"-colorless pigment. Therefore, using a thinner to reduce the concentration, the viscosity of the ink also remains unchanged, and the ratio of pigment to resin can be maintained on the whole without causing blockage, but the gloss and transparency of the ink are often reduced.

3. Add solvent to reduce concentration
This method can maintain a certain ratio of resin and pigment, and the viscosity of the ink will also be reduced, but it has a greater impact on the printing effect and is also limited by the dilution viscosity. Except for a certain degree of concentration adjustment, it is not An ideal method.

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