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Introduction of gravure printing machine

Update time : 2020-09-15

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Introduction of gravure printing machine


Gravure printing machines have a wide range of uses, a rich variety and a long history. The gravure printing technology is in a leading position. As a supplier of gravure printing presses, let us briefly introduce what gravure printing presses are, the types of gravure printing presses and their development history.

A gravure printing machine is a machine that uses gravure for printing. The graphic part of the printing plate is concave, and the blank part is on the same plane as the outer circle of the printing plate cylinder. When printing on a gravure printing machine, the printing plate cylinder is inked on the entire surface, and the ink on the blank part of the plate is scraped off with a squeegee, leaving the ink in the graphic part, and then passing the paper, and the impression cylinder is used to imprint on the back of the paper. The ink in the concave part is directly transferred to the paper surface, and finally the printed matter is piled up or rewinded by the paper receiving part. The gravure printing machine adopts the direct printing method of circular pressing, the printing plate is directly made on the printing plate cylinder, and the ink is supplied by immersion or inkjet method without ink distribution mechanism. Because of the thick ink layer, the use of volatile fast-drying ink requires a drying device.

Classification of gravure printing machines: 1. The models are divided into single paper and web gravure printing machines according to the different papers used; 2. According to the number of colors that the unit runs at a time, it is divided into single color, four colors, five colors, six colors, etc , There are single-sided printing and double-sided printing.

In 1947, China Shanghai Jianye Yihua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactured the gravure printing machine. In 1962, Shanghai People's Machinery Factory produced a single-color gravure printing machine, and in 1975, Beijing People's Machinery Factory produced a web four-color gravure printing machine. Later, some factories made roll material gravure printing machines for printing plastic film. The number of gravure printing presses produced in China is small, and the variety is small, and the proportion of gravure printing in the printing industry is also small.

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