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Operation specification of dry laminating machine

Update time : 2020-12-14

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Operation specification of dry laminating machine
For the operation of the dry laminating machine, we must operate strictly in accordance with the operating specifications to avoid safety accidents. Now we will introduce the safe operation specifications of the dry laminating machine:
operation of the dry laminating machine
1. Before starting the machine, the operator should clean the machine, add lubricating oil, and carefully check whether the parts are loose or fall off, and whether there is any foreign matter on the gears. The machine can be turned on after normal.
2. Pass the substrate through the guide roller, tension roller, glue roller, guide roller and oven as required. The guide roller, tension roller, and base material should be free of wrinkles.
3. When there is no special situation, the machine should start slowly, and the speed should be reduced first when stopping.
4. The substrate should maintain proper tension during walking. When the tension is too small, diagonal wrinkles are easy to appear when compounding; if the tension is too large, the substrate will appear longitudinal wrinkles during the stretching process. In particular, the tension of the two base materials should be coordinated to avoid deformation of the two layers due to different stresses after compounding.
5. Tension adjustment can be adjusted separately: unwinding tension, feeding tension, discharging tension, winding tension.
6. During work, you can eliminate diagonal wrinkles by adjusting the left and right in and out of the deviation adjustment rollers after unwinding and when entering the compound. Because of the parallel misalignment of the fixed rollers, wrinkles will also appear, so they should be adjusted in time.
7. The gluing anilox roller and its rubber roller should not be stained with grease or foreign matter. Before work, the anilox roller should be rotated in an empty car to make the anilox roller be covered with a uniform layer of glue. There should be no dry glue or foreign matter on the surface of the second roller. Solvent wipe, never allow to remove with hard tools.
8. The axial position of the unwinding shaft should be adjusted frequently, and the base material movement is subject to the center of the machine. When a roll of base material is finished, replace it with another tube of base material and use tape to connect it end to end without stopping the machine or Slow down and work continuously.
9. The clutch on the main shaft should be stopped when it needs to be clutched.
10. The temperature and speed of the oven and the formula of the glue will directly affect the fastness of the compound. The higher the temperature of the oven, the faster the machine speed, but the solvent should be evaporated.
11. The glue formula varies according to the type of base material. The glue should be fully stirred and used as needed.
12. The rubber roller is suitable for ethyl acetate solvent.

The above are the twelve points that we need to pay attention to when operating the dry laminating machine. Zhejiang Deguang sells high-quality dry laminating machines. If you want to know more about the operating specifications of the dry laminating machine, please contact us.

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