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Plastic soft packaging materials and process points

Update time : 2020-12-11

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Plastic soft packaging materials and process points
As the society's demand for plastic color printing packaging is increasing year by year, plastic packaging is covering the market based on its inherent characteristics of gorgeous colors, novel patterns and convenient use. Usually, the printing method is divided into embossing, gravure, flat printing, silk screen and so on. Plastic printing is gravure printing, and the often mentioned gravure printing machine refers to the unit type (or array type) gravure printing machine. Let's take a look at the key points of plastic soft packaging equipment materials and processes.
plastic soft packaging equipment process
Printing machine
The printing speed of the plastic printing unit is determined by the length of the paper travel distance between the printing color groups of the printing press and the effect of the drying box. The longer the distance of each color and the better the effect of the oven, the faster the printing speed will be, otherwise the printing speed will not rise. In addition to the synchronization of the operation of the front and back of the printing press, the registration accuracy of the printing machine also requires the stability of the tension control system of each part. Only when the tension control design is reasonable, the feeding is stable, and the winding is stable, printing can Can run the version in order to maintain the accuracy of color registration.

Printing plate
There are two types of intaglio printing plates: corrosion (manual version) and electric engraving (electric engraving). At present, the price of manual edition is low, but the printing effect is still better than electro engraving, especially the layered edition. In practice, it is found that electro-engraving has higher requirements for ink. The quality of printing plate production directly affects the quality of printing effect.

Plastic gravure ink is divided into solvent ink and water-based ink. Solvent ink is divided into surface printing ink and back printing ink (composite ink).

The compounding of plastic soft packaging is divided into film extrusion compounding, dry glue compounding and glueless hot pressing compounding. Extrusion compounding refers to extruding PE or PP material into a film after being hot melted, and then forming a composite product on the printed film by hot pressing and compounding. It is characterized by low cost and reduced glue pollution. However, it is necessary to select the extrusion materials and control the extrusion temperature, and add a small amount of glue or AC agent as a coupling agent between the film formation, the effect will be better.

Plastic film
Due to the different requirements of the packaged objects, the plastic film required for different packaging is different. The following is a brief description of the properties and uses of the most commonly used plastic films.

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