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Printing machine maintenance principles

Update time : 2020-11-19

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Printing machine maintenance principles
The maintenance of any equipment has a cost. Therefore, we need to carry out economic evaluation during the maintenance of the printing press, especially the major maintenance, and determine the maintenance cost. If the cost of a repair exceeds 30% of the repurchase price of the equipment, the repair is not economically cost-effective. The following basic principles should be implemented during the maintenance of the printing press.
printing machine maintenance principles
(1) Focus on prevention
Regular maintenance and regular scheduled maintenance are equally important. To implement prevention first, it is necessary to grasp the laws of equipment operation and parts loss, strengthen daily maintenance and inspection, timely remove equipment defects and hidden dangers, prevent equipment accidents, equipment maintenance and repair and prevent and cure the relationship. Poor or improper maintenance will accelerate the wear of components. Suffering from accidental damage, increasing the frequency and time of repairs, only by doing regular maintenance work can prevent problems and prevent them from happening. However, the maintenance work does not fully understand the normal wear and tear, and it must be regularly inspected and repaired in a planned manner.

(2) Repair first, then produce
To do a good job in equipment maintenance, you must correctly handle the relationship between maintenance and production. Maintenance takes up production time, and production must have time guarantees. Therefore, there is a contradiction between maintenance and production. However, the relationship between maintenance and production must be unified. The necessary maintenance can ensure the smooth progress of production and improve Production efficiency and product quality. Maintenance and production are unified, so the relationship between maintenance and production must be handled well. Repair first and then produce. There can be no thinking of focusing on production and neglecting maintenance.

(3) Operators cooperate with professional maintenance
Professional maintenance personnel are familiar with the structure of the equipment and have a high level of repair skills. The operators are the users of the equipment, and they are more familiar with the performance of the equipment, and are familiar with the parts of the equipment that are prone to failure. Combining the two is beneficial to fast and good Carry out equipment repairs. Therefore, maintenance personnel and operators should learn from each other and cooperate closely.

The above has introduced the printing machine maintenance principles. Zhejiang Deguang sells professional printing equipment. If you want to know more about printing presses, please contact us.

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