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Process measures to ensure the quality of slitting products

Update time : 2020-10-19

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Process measures to ensure the quality of slitting products

QFJ700-1300 Surface Rolling Slitting Machine

In order to ensure the quality of the products cut by the slitting machine, we need to be familiar with its technological process and take relevant measures in time. Next, I will briefly introduce you to eight process measures to ensure the quality of slitting products.

1. The slitting machine must have stable tension
The stable tension can provide continuous neck reduction for the slitting knife, maintaining the original width when the tension disappears. In addition, tension will also affect tracking and correction.

2. The flatness of the film width
The film web must look very flat before entering the cutter. Many slitting machines, including film web stretching devices, can stretch the film web laterally. Therefore, the film must be kept flat.

3. Absolutely understand tool settings and performance
The tool spacing setting determines the slitting width. The positioning of the tool does not stop when it is set. Displacement, shaking, skew, and other conditions may cause the cut point to be incorrectly set.

4. Control the feeding process according to the production process requirements
The feeding film web must have uniform width and spacing. The film material must also have a uniform thickness, coefficient and splicing point. The feeding and unwinding shaft cannot exceed the range or speed of the film width corrector. However, any unevenness on the film web should be restored to smoothness under normal tension. The wide variety of feed materials is the most difficult point, because usually the quality cannot be controlled.

5. Make sure the sensor is working properly
The sensor must constantly detect the edge of the slitting strip. Any detection errors or blind spots will directly lead to errors in slitting strips.

6. The accuracy of the corrector
The corrector must be strictly controlled and react at any time. The range and impact speed must match the quality and speed of the feed roll.

7. Tracking
In the normal production of slitting, do not think that the precisely positioned film strip will help the cutter automatically correct the position. Many times in production, errors will occur in the tracking link from calibration to slitting knife, but as long as the short film width route is ensured, the ideal tension standard cylindrical reel, qualified traction and high-quality unwinding shaft correction position will help reduce the film transfer process. Tracking error.

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