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Requirements of plate making process

Update time : 2020-09-24

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Requirements of plate making process

YT600-1300 Flexo Printing Machine

As a very important part of the printing process, the process of plate making determines the quality and aesthetics of printed matter in detail. Compliance with the requirements of plate making technology can make your prints more perfect. Next, we will introduce you to the requirements of the plate making process for your reference.

1. Product classification
Product classification should be clear, such as books, calendars, cigarette packets, three-side sealed bags, middle-sealed bags, middle-sealed folded bags, fusible sealed bags, roll films, labels, and cover films.

2. Font lines
The text should not be less than 1.5mm; try to use isoline text; small text lines should not be multi-color hollow or overprinted; line width ≥0.15mm during embossing, line width ≥0.3mm during overprinting.

3. Size
Crosshairs that indicate the size range; specify the size and position of the cursor.

4. Transition color and light net
The minimum percentage of transition color should not be less than 10%, and the length of transition color should be considered for uniform transition without obvious grid connection. For light screens of 20% and below, consider using spot colors, so that the ink color is uniform during printing and no dots are lost.

5. The words and the background color are the same color
The net formation gap between the background color and the font color should be as wide as possible to more than 50% to make the text easier to read.

6. Issues such as imprinting, overprinting, and overprinting should be explained clearly.

7. Consider bleeding 1-2mm for the full-page background color
Its function is mainly to protect the finished product when it is cut, so that the background color completely covers the part to be expressed.

8. The requirements for the deepened carving of the line version or the separate carving of the hierarchical lines should be noted.

9. Unit length and increasing requirements of printing plate cylinder diameter
In the printing process, based on the factors of ink drying and overprinting, the printing material is stretched and deformed under the combined action of drying temperature and tension. Under a certain tension, the base film is elongated, and after the tension is removed, it shrinks significantly. Therefore, the unit length can be pre-adjusted according to the material shrinkage and the process characteristics of our factory and customers.

For example: PET-0.1%, BOPP-0.3%, PA-0.6%, etc. But there are many exceptions, such as the size of the extruded composite film will become longer, the customer only allows negative deviations, etc., which need to be adjusted according to the specific situation.

Zhejiang Deguang is a professional printing press supplier, and we are familiar with every step of the printing process. If you want to know more about the details of the plate making process when using the printing machine, please contact us.

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