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Tension control during gravure printing aluminum foil overprinting

Update time : 2020-10-26

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Tension control during gravure printing aluminum foil overprinting

gravure printing aluminum foil overprinting

In the overprinting process of gravure printing aluminum foil, tension adjustment and changes directly affect overprinting and the accuracy of printing, which is one of the key factors for printing process control. The following briefly introduces the precautions for tension control.

As long as the tension control is stable and the tension change is small, the accuracy and scrap rate of the aluminum foil overprinting can be easily controlled. However, in the aluminum foil printing process, there are many factors in the tension fluctuation and change.

1. Due to the rewinding and unwinding process of the printing press, the diameter of the rewinding and unwinding is constantly changing. When the unwinding torque is constant, the diameter decreases and the tension increases, while the winding is the opposite; if the winding torque is constant, the tension will decrease as the winding diameter increases. This is determined by the inherent characteristics of the printing machine, and is also the main factor causing the change in the tension of the aluminum foil.

2. The uneven quality of the aluminum foil material affects the change of tension, such as the fluctuation of the elastic modulus of the material, the change of the material thickness along the width and length direction, etc., the eccentricity of the quality of the material roll, and the level of heating will give the tension of the whole machine Bring subtle effects.

3. In the process of changing materials or receiving materials, the printing machine will cause the original stable tension of the whole machine to suddenly produce interference changes. The higher the equipment running speed, the greater the interference, the greater the tension change and the poorer stability. The tension should be adjusted automatically and randomly according to the interference of the tape tension quickly to restore the original stable state in time. In overprinting, the printed web must have a moderate tension when it is transported. If the tension is too small, the web at the inspection site is prone to jitter, which affects the accuracy of the overprint. The tension must be constant to ensure a constant instantaneous linear speed and require the main motor to run It must be stable, not fast or slow, and not vibrating, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of overprinting.

The gravure printing machine produced by Zhejiang Deguang has professional printing technology. We provide customers with the best quality products and service experience. If you have any questions about the tension adjustment of the gravure printing machine, please contact us.

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