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Inking method and operating principle of printing press

Update time : 2020-09-19

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Inking method and operating principle of printing press
ink delivery methods of flexographic printing presses
The ink delivery methods of flexographic printing presses can be divided into two categories: two-roller type and doctor blade type. All kinds of inking methods adopt anilox transfer roller, and the ink transfer device transfers the ink to the printing plate through the anilox transfer roller. Theory is the basis of practice. Next, we will introduce the operating principles of different ink delivery methods.

1. Double roller type inking

First, the ink fountain roller transfers the ink in the ink tank to the metal anilox roller, and then the metal anilox roller transfers it to the plate roller, and finally transfers it to the substrate. The plate cylinder rotates on one side of the impression cylinder and is consistent with the linear speed of the impression cylinder. When the machine stops for a short time, the printing plate cylinder moves up, away from the impression cylinder and the anilox roller, while the two ink rollers continue to rotate to facilitate the stability of the machine. The ink fountain roller rotates on the side of the anilox roller, and its tangent speed is lower than that of the anilox roller. The purpose is to control the ink volume and prevent ink splashing, and also has the function of eliminating excess ink on the surface of the anilox roller.
2. Scraper type inking

Absorbing the characteristics of gravure printing, the new squeegee technology is adopted in the inking device, thus further improving the printing quality. The doctor blade replaces the ink fountain roller and the anilox roller to complete the function of ink transfer and ink volume control. The ink path is shorter, that is, the anilox roller is directly immersed in the ink tank or the ink is sprayed on the anilox roller. Then the excess ink on the surface is scraped off by a squeegee, and then transferred to the printing plate, and finally transferred to the substrate.

According to the installation position of the doctor blade relative to the anilox roller, it can be divided into two types, namely, forward angle doctor type inking and reverse angle doctor type inking. In the squeegee type inking, for the specific squeegee, its technical forms are various, such as mechanical, spring, pneumatic and so on.

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