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Control points of slitting process

Update time : 2020-09-23

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Control points of slitting process

Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

The slitting operation is an important link in the film production, and the quality of the slitting will directly affect the quality of the finished product and the film. Therefore, when using the slitting machine for processing, you should be proficient in the control points of the slitting process.

1. Slitting position
The cutting position refers to the position of the cutting knife. Any slitting machine has a certain slitting deviation. In order to ensure the integrity of the product pattern, the position of the knife must be fully considered when slitting. The wrong slitting position will cause difficulty in tracking the stretched film or pattern defects.

2. Cutting direction
The slitting direction refers to the unwinding direction of the finished or semi-finished stretched film roll. Whether the slitting direction is correct or not directly affects the automatic packaging machine's coding position, the finished product sealing position or the special shape cutter position, etc. Of course, the wrong direction can be adjusted by the automatic packaging machine or the finished product machine. However, this It will greatly reduce the speed of automatic packaging or finished products, seriously affecting production efficiency.

3. Joint method
The joint method refers to the overlap method of the upper and lower membranes, generally there are two kinds of connection and reverse connection. If the joint direction is reversed, it will cause the automatic packaging machine to film poorly, jam, and break materials, which will cause downtime and seriously affect the production efficiency. Therefore, the correct joint method must be clarified according to the requirements of the customer's packaging machine.

4. The color of the joint tape
Adhesive tape refers to ordinary polypropylene plastic tape used to bond stretch films. In order to facilitate automatic packaging identification and finished product identification and detection, tapes with a color contrast with the background color of the product are usually used.

5. Joint bonding method
Joint bonding generally adopts the method of pattern or cursor butt, which can fully ensure that the stretched film is not affected by the joint during the filming process, and can be produced continuously without causing a decrease in production efficiency. Flanging is not allowed at both ends of the adhesive tape of the automatic packaging finished product roll, and it is required to be aligned with the film width and stick firmly; the semi-finished product roll of the finished product generally requires one end of the tape to be flanged to facilitate the finished product to pay attention to the joint position and strictly control the mixing of the joint bag into the finished bag.

6. Electrostatic treatment
Static electricity is a major hidden danger in the production process of stretched film, because the existence of static electricity can cause problems such as uneven winding of slit film rolls and material rejection. At present, the most common method to eliminate static electricity in the cutting process is to use static eliminators. Therefore, unless special products, general products must open static eliminators when cutting.

Only by fully understanding the importance of slitting and fully grasping the basic essentials of slitting can consumption be minimized and the best product quality guaranteed. Deguang Machinery manufactures the best quality slitting machines to meet customer needs for different types of machines.

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