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Causes of printing press leakage

Update time : 2020-09-27

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Causes of printing press leakage

DNAY800Q printing press

The leakage phenomenon of the printing machine refers to the incomplete printing pattern or text caused by uneven printing rubber roller and pressure problems of the printing rubber roller. We need to understand the causes of the missing print phenomenon in order to solve the problem in a targeted manner.

(1) The printing roller is not flat. This unevenness sometimes manifests as a pit that can be seen with the naked eye, and sometimes it is a pit that is invisible to the naked eye. The visible pits are mostly caused by flaws, while the invisible pits are often caused by sanding with sandpaper during the last use. We call them "hidden pits". Because its position is not fixed, and the color with few patterns only appears once every very long time, the risk of missed detection is high.
(2) The pressure of the rubber roller is too small. There are several situations where the pressure is low. One is that the set pressure value is small, especially for rubber rollers with high hardness. The second is that the total air pressure is constantly fluctuating within a range. If we set the maximum value of the total air pressure when we set it, the pressure displayed at the time is very large, but as the total air pressure drops to the lowest point, the rubber roller pressure will not meet the requirements. . That is to say, the lowest point of the total air pressure is lower than the required rubber roller pressure, but it can be reached within the set time, giving the operator a misunderstanding that the pressure is appropriate. The third is that the pressure gauge is broken. For example, the pointer of the gauge is stuck by the watch cover, and the displayed value is large, but the actual pressure is insufficient.
(3) The embossing rubber roller is aging, the hardness increases, or the rubber layer is too thin, and the elasticity decreases.
(4) Foreign matter such as ink dots and broken film stuck on the embossing rubber roller.
(5) The two ends of the printing press are not balanced and the press roller is not level.
(6) The positioning mechanism of the pressure roller or the plate roller is worn.
(7) The mechanical precision of the plate roller is poor, and the plate roller vibrates when it is running.
(8) Foreign matter adhered to the blade of the scraper, causing the entire line to be out of ink.
(9) The printing plate roller is partially blocked.

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