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The solution of printing machine leakage

Update time : 2020-09-28

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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The solution of printing machine leakage

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After finding out the cause of the printing machine leakage, we need to take effective measures in time to solve this problem. Next, we will introduce you to the eight-point printing machine leakage solution for your reference.

(1) Check the surface condition of the embossing rubber roller, replace the rubber roller if necessary, and smooth the problematic rubber roller at the same time;
(2) Check whether the lowest point of the total air pressure entering the printing press is above 3 kg;
(3) Check whether the pressure gauge is normal. After setting a certain value, increase or decrease the pressure to see if the pointer is flexible;
(4) For the embossing rubber roller with high hardness after aging, one is to replace it in time, and the other is to press and print with a small pressure before use, and carefully check whether there is any leakage; after confirming that there is no Increase the pressure to a suitable state for formal printing;
(5) Clean the foreign matter on the embossing rubber roller in time, and it is forbidden to sand the rubber roller with sandpaper to prevent "hidden pits";
(6) Replacement and maintenance of worn mechanical parts;
(7) Remove foreign matter at the blade of the scraper;
(8) Wipe the printing plate roller;

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