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Common problems of printing presses

Update time : 2020-09-29

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Common problems of printing presses

AY800.1100C General Rotogravure Printing Machine

Various problems arise when using printing presses. In order to ensure the service life of printing presses, we need to understand their solutions and take corresponding measures in time.

1. Fragmentation issues 
Solution:  1) Clean the countertop, make sure there are no foreign objects on the countertop, and there are no protrusions on the vacuum hole, and clean the countertop regularly. Use the countertop cleaning kit provided by our company to clean;  2) Check whether the pressure of the scraper is normal, the general recommended value is 60— 80. Pressure calibration should be done if the scraper is changed

2. Printing shift problem
Solution:  1) adjust the offset value;  2) reset the machine before starting each shift   

3. Positioning system error
Solution:  1) Check whether the film is delivered in place and whether the film is normal;  2) Check whether the mark point is complete, clear, and there should be no debris around;  3) Set the appropriate light intensity and acceptance rate

4. Vacuum alarm
Solution:  1) Check whether the vacuum gauge is in the normal range to ensure that there is no problem with the vacuum source;  2) Check whether the vacuum hole on the printing table is blocked;  3) Check whether the silicon wafer is stopped at the correct position, if not, how many A vacuum hole is exposed to leak the vacuum. The position of the front guide rail can be adjusted so that it can be transferred in place (it has been adjusted, generally do not adjust)  
5. Poor printing quality
Solution:  1) Adjust the machine setting value, accurately measure the thickness of the screen and the screen, and enter the corresponding position;  2) Adjust the height position and printing pressure of the squeegee;  3) Check the table, screen, paste and Whether the scraper is abnormal

The above are some of the more common problems of printing presses, and the damage of other components should be analyzed in detail. Zhejiang Deguang sells professional printing equipment. If you have any questions about the use of printing presses, please contact us.

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