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Computer color matching conditions

Update time : 2020-10-21

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Computer color matching conditions

computerized register rotogravure printing machine

The computerized ink matching used in the computerized register rotogravure printing machine is mainly for spot colors. It is necessary to establish a complete database for various types of inks used. When the spot color inks are used up, the computer can use the current inventory Calculate with the ink, formulate several formulas that are closest to this spot color, and display the color difference between each formula and this special color, and you can select and use it. The three conditions mentioned below must be met when using a computerized register rotogravure printing machine for computerized color matching.

1. The color of the sample color to be matched under a specific light source must be able to be represented by data. The basic colorimetry has solved the first condition. According to the CIE standard colorimetric system, any natural color can be represented by the X, Y, and Z tristimulus values. This is a basic colorimetric calculation. At present, most of the CIE1964 complementary colorimetric observation spectrum tristimulus value function and the relative spectral power distribution of the D65 standard illuminator are used for color matching calculations, that is, the X, Y, Z calculations are performed using the data of the 10° observation angle and the D65 light source .

2. There is a linearized functional relationship between the spectral emission method of the color sample and the coloring concentration. This is one of the most studied problems in computer color matching. The Kubelk-Munk theory (K-M) is more commonly used now.

3. The means to verify whether the calculated formula meets the requirements should also be expressed in numbers. Using the CIEAB color difference equation, the color difference between the standard color sample and the obtained formula can be calculated to check whether the obtained formula meets the requirements, and the color difference under different light sources can be used to investigate whether there is a serious same color between the formula and the standard color difference Anomalous phenomenon, so the third condition has been resolved.

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