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Introduction of gravure printing ink

Update time : 2020-10-22

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Introduction of gravure printing ink

High Speed Computerized Register Rotogravure Printing machine

Gravure ink is the general term for various gravure inks used in various gravure printing methods. It is a type of ink suitable for gravure printing. When printing, it is recessed into the patterned part of the layout, and the ink on the non-patterned part is wiped off or scraped off, and then printed. There are engraving gravure ink and photo gravure ink.

1. Plastic gravure inks are generally used to print PE, PP, OPP, NY and other plastic films, but can also be printed on composite flexible packaging, as long as the printing layout does not have large color blocks and undergoes rewinding cold air inspection, composite odor and fastness It's basically ok.

2. Plastic gravure ink selection
When selecting and using plastic gravure composite inks, pay attention to the difference between high-speed machine quick-drying ink and low-speed machine drying ink when the ink manufacturer designs the ink. When printing, the rotation speed of the gravure printing machine should be used to determine the choice of ink. Otherwise, the rotation speed of the gravure printing machine, the ink will dry in the gravure dot pits; the fast speed of the gravure printing machine will not dry the printed parts. For retort-resistant plastic flexible packaging or printed aluminum foil, you should choose retort-resistant two-component gravure ink and special ink for aluminum foil. Otherwise, it will not have the effect of cooking resistance, and the ink in the inner layer after the compound will become thinner after cooking, discoloration, and the picture and text are not clear. In the production of retort-resistant packaging bags, high-temperature-resistant materials and retort-resistant two-component composite glue must be selected. The surface tension of plastic gravure ink is generally 36 dyne, while the surface tension of PE and OPP is generally only about 32 dyne. This requires that the film undergo corona treatment when gravure printing is performed to destroy the molecular structure of the plastic surface and improve the film. The surface tension can reach more than 38 dyne, so that the ink and the film can be adhered firmly, and the ink can not be peeled off by rubbing with the adhesive tape to meet the printing quality requirements.

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