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Factors affecting ink viscosity in high-speed rotogravure printing

Update time : 2020-10-27

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Factors affecting ink viscosity in high-speed rotogravure printing

high-speed rotogravure printing machine

In plastic gravure printing, how to control ink printing viscosity is a very critical issue. Especially in high-speed rotogravure printing, whether the ink printing viscosity control is appropriate is directly related to most quality problems such as pigment transfer, dirty version, printed product gloss, pigment bonding firmness, static electricity, etc.

The factors that affect the viscosity include the diameter, hardness and elastic modulus of the elastic roller, the nature of the roller, the speed of the roller, the temperature of the roller, the ambient temperature and humidity, the temperature of the sample, the thickness of the ink film, the ink or the binder, etc. , The condition of the elastic roller during the cleaning process, the nature of the tested sample, etc.

The factors that affect viscosity are viscosity, which is closely related to temperature, component particle concentration, particle size, etc., and has little relationship with humidity and air pressure. The measurement accuracy and measurement units of different measurement methods are different and cannot be converted to each other.

From the above four points, we can see that there is a big difference between ink printing viscosity and viscosity, but the two are still related. Mainly manifested in the fact that viscosity is a physical quantity that measures the viscosity of a fluid. The dynamic viscosity of a fluid is determined by the inherent physical properties of the fluid itself. Its value is a direct measure of the viscosity of the fluid, and it is also the resistance of the fluid to shear deformation during movement. A measure of ability. Under the same environmental conditions, high viscosity means high viscosity, and vice versa.

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