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Flexo printing machine operation inspection

Update time : 2020-11-06

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Flexo printing machine operation inspection

flexo printing machine operation

During the operation of the flexo printing machine, the operator should inspect the machine and all printed jobs. Listed below are the contents and related precautions that are usually checked when the printing machine is running.

1. Confirm whether the printing machine has any abnormal noise caused by mechanical failure.
2. Repeatedly check the ink level in the ink fountain or the ink pump device. When using ink, check the ink flow into the ink fountain.
3. Make sure that the paper roll indicator is switched on. Be prepared to change the paper roll and splicing paper.
4. In the operation of the printing machine, use strobe flash to improve printing quality. During the operation of the flexo printing machine, the registration of the printed product may change.

This change in registration may be caused by the following reasons:
① The tension of the paper tape between the paper feed roller and the output pull roller of the printer is incorrect.
②The rewinding tension is too high.
③The tape splice is offset.
④The materials of the paper roll are different.
⑤The edge of the paper roll is slack, and the paper tape is deflected to one side.
⑥The thickness of the tape and the adhesive layer on the paper roll are uneven.

The inspection of the printed sample is the printing quality inspection. The operator should not only check the printing quality of the running paper tape, but also must use a magnifying glass to visually inspect the subordinate content of the printed sample: inaccurate overprinting, poor inking, Color deviation, color matching, ink adhesion or fixation, etc.
①Registration of printed products, use a magnifying glass to check the errors of printed products;
②The cleanliness and clarity of the printed product;
③The ink color or image is confirmed;
④Printing ink;
⑤Defects caused by paper wool or other reasons;
⑥The quality of printed products.

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