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Causes of deterioration of gravure printing machines

Update time : 2020-11-16

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Causes of deterioration of gravure printing machines
Deterioration of gravure printing machine is a phenomenon that is often encountered in production activities and is inevitable. The main causes of equipment deterioration are the following five aspects.
deterioration of gravure printing machines
1. The reason of gravure printing itself
(1) Problems with equipment
① The structure is unreasonable;
②Insufficient strength and rigidity of parts and components, improper selection of components;
③The safety factor set is too small;
④Improper material selection.
(2) Problems in manufacturing
①The material of the parts does not meet the design requirements;
②The material has congenital defects, such as internal cracks, blisters, shrinkage holes, inclusions, etc.;
③The processing accuracy is not high and the assembly quality is poor;
④The quality of heat treatment is poor, causing the strength of parts to fail to meet the requirements;
⑤The quality of components is poor, does not meet the design requirements, and the assembly process is poor.
(3) Problems with installation
①The basic quality is not good;
②The installation quality is inferior, such as incorrect horizontal elevation, irregular central axis, etc.;
③ Poor debugging quality, improper gap adjustment, and sloppy precision adjustment.

2.The reasons for the maintenance of the gravure printing machine
(1) Maintenance
① Poor spot inspection, improper lubrication, foreign matter mixed in, poor contact, poor insulation;
② Failures and abnormalities are not eliminated in time;
③The parts with wear and fatigue exceeding the limit are not replaced in time;
④ Poor heat preservation and heat dissipation, poor moisture-proof and moisture-proof, poor ventilation and drainage.
(2) Maintenance work
①The quality of maintenance is low, such as poor assembly, poor tolerance matching, eccentric assembly, and reduced accuracy;
②Failure to check and repair as planned, and fail to check and repair as required by spot inspection;
③The operation is not according to the standard, the construction is sloppy and the adjustment is rough.
causes of equipment deterioration
3.Production management reasons
(1) Management
①Improper management and failure to conduct operation inspection and maintenance in time;
②The work of tidying up, rectifying, tidying up, and refurbishing cannot be carried out well;
③Idle equipment is not maintained as required;
④Failure to communicate information with equipment maintenance personnel in time, causing delays.
(2) Operation
①Failure to operate correctly and use equipment;
②Violation of operating regulations and overload operation;
③Not strong sense of responsibility, carelessness at work, and misoperation.

4. Reasons for environmental conditions
① Inadequate protection measures such as high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, and anti-freezing;
②  Accidental collision, impact, etc.;
③ Irresistible natural disasters and accidental disasters, such as typhoons, rainstorms, floods, earthquakes, lightning strikes, explosions, fires, etc.

5. Reasons for use
① Normal wear and tear under sliding or rolling state when there is relative movement between the bodies;
②Fatigue, deformation and creep of the equipment metal under high temperature, low temperature, and impact working conditions, and the bearing strength decreases;
③ Corrosion of equipment working under corrosive medium conditions;
④ Aging of components, degradation of insulation, and aging of rubber and plastic parts.

The above are the main five reasons for the deterioration of the gravure printing machine. If you want to know more about gravure printing presses, please contact us.

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