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Three maintenance methods of printing machine

Update time : 2020-11-18

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Three maintenance methods of printing machine
The maintenance and repair of the machine during the production process is also the top priority of the work. Only by ensuring the stable performance of the machine can the production proceed smoothly. Let's introduce three maintenance methods for printing machines.

Repair is often associated with equipment testing and is also called overhaul. The current overhaul system of printing machines can be divided into three methods: post-event overhaul, preventive regular overhaul and condition-based overhaul.

maintenance methods of printing machine

(1) Post-event overhaul
Post-maintenance, also known as troubleshooting, refers to unplanned maintenance when the printing machine fails. The aftercare is only suitable for non-key equipment that has little impact on production.

(2) Preventive regular overhaul
Preventive regular maintenance is a time-based preventive maintenance method, which is formulated in advance according to the statistical law and experience of equipment operation wear or performance degradation, so it is also called planned maintenance. Preventive periodic maintenance categories, cycles, work content, and maintenance methods are all determined in advance, and are suitable for printing machines with known equipment wear status or performance degradation.

(3) Condition-based overhaul
Condition-based maintenance is a higher-level maintenance system developed from preventive maintenance. Condition-based overhaul is based on the monitoring data of the equipment online status, and determines the health status and performance status of the equipment through fault diagnosis and expert system analysis and judgment of historical data and online data, and predicts its development trend. Condition-based maintenance can perform timely and targeted maintenance of equipment, which can not only improve equipment utilization, but also effectively reduce equipment maintenance costs and achieve obvious economic benefits.

The above are three maintenance methods for printing machines. Zhejiang Deguang is familiar with overhaul and maintenance knowledge of various printing machines. If you want to know more details, please contact us.

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