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How to improve the utilization rate of printing materials

Update time : 2020-11-25

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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How to improve the utilization rate of printing materials
Under the existing conditions, try to improve the utilization of raw materials to reduce product costs, which is what every printing company wants to achieve. In order to reduce unnecessary waste, this article will teach you how to improve the utilization of printing materials from three aspects.
Flexo Printing Machine
1. Reduce process waste
During printing, mark lines, cross lines, and tracking lines used in subsequent processes are often set on both ends of the film in the transverse direction of the film. These marks occupy part of the base film and usually cut off before the final product. The base material is called process waste.
(1) Add the margin according to actual use requirements.
(2) Follow the electric eye in the subsequent process to choose a product with a smaller diameter. The small optical path of the electric eye also requires less distance between tracking and image detection. For example, when the diameter of the photoelectric eye is 2mm, the edge distance of the tracking line value pattern only needs 2mm, which is sufficient for use.
(3) The length of the mark line is determined based on the accuracy of the overprint recognition system. If the system has high accuracy, the mark line can be shortened.
(4) The flatness of the end surface of the printing substrate is high, and the lateral offset of the substrate during the printing process is small, which can reduce the margin of process waste.

2. Equipment registration speed
The shaftless transmission printer can greatly increase the printing registration speed and reduce the loss of base film due to the short signal tracking route and fast response.

3. Typesetting
Typesetting should maximize the utilization of base film. The longitudinal dimension after the optimized arrangement is wrong, but the improvement of the transverse utilization rate greatly reduces the width of the base film.

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