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Causes and solutions of the abnormality of the dry laminating machine

Update time : 2020-12-02

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Causes and solutions of the abnormality of the dry laminating machine
Dry laminating refers to a method in which the adhesive is compounded in a dry state. When using a dry laminating machine for laminating, a series of quality problems may occur. This article lists some of the quality problems that may occur and the corresponding solutions for your reference.
dry laminating machine
Composite product bubbles
The bubbles appear due to the incomplete bonding between the composite layers, and the 3 major causes and solutions
1. Cause
①Long use time or improper use and maintenance of the pressure roller will cause local corrosion or damage to the surface of the rubber roller. When the composite film passes through the composite roller, the corroded or damaged part is not pressured by the pressure roller, forming bubbles.
② The solvent contains a high content of active hydrogen, and the reaction emits carbon dioxide and forms bubbles.
③ When the coating amount is below a certain limit, bubbles are also easy to form.
2. Solution
①Replace the pressure roller or repair it.
②Control the purity of the solvent.
③Clean the coating roller or replace the coating roller.
dry laminating machine
Poor composite strength
Poor composite strength refers to the relatively low strength of the peeled composite film, and the 8 major causes and solutions
1. Cause
①Improper selection of adhesive and its coating amount or wrong proportioning and measurement.
②The melting agent contains alcohol, water, or the hygroscopic substrate contains more water, and the main agent has incomplete reaction.
③Insufficient coating amount.
④ Improper curing conditions.
⑤ Improper drying and laminating conditions (compound pressure, compound temperature).
⑥The surface tension of the composite substrate is low.
⑦ Composite substrate additives (slip agent, antistatic agent) precipitate.
⑧ Poor plasticization of the substrate surface or contamination of the substrate surface.
2. Solution
①Re-select the adhesive and its coating amount and prepare it accurately.
②Control the solvent water and alcohol content.
③Increase the coating amount (or replace or clean the coating roller).
④Check whether the coating roller is working normally.
⑤Replace the adhesive. Adhesives should be used at the same time, strictly control the use of remaining adhesives.
⑥ Surface treatment of composite substrate.
⑦Control the curing temperature and time to inhibit the precipitation of slip agents.
⑧ Replace the substrate.

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