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Classification of mask making machine (2)

Update time : 2020-11-23

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Classification of mask making machine (2)
We have introduced the definition and characteristics of the three mask making machines before. Next, let's take a closer look at the folding mask making machine, the duckbill mask making machine and the strap-on mask making machine.
Double Ear Loop Welding Machine
4. Folding mask making machine
(1) Definition of folding mask making machine
The folding mask making machine, also known as the C-type mask making machine, is a fully automatic machine used for the production of folding masks. It uses ultrasonic technology to bond 3 to 5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter materials, and cut out the folded mask The body can be processed into 3M9001, 9002 and other mask bodies. According to the different raw materials used, the masks produced can reach different standards such as FFP1, FFP2, N95, etc. The ear straps are elastic non-woven fabrics, which make the wearer’s ears comfortable and stress-free. The mask filter cloth layer has a good filtering effect and perfect It fits Asian faces and can be used in high-pollution industries such as construction and mining.
(2) Features of folding mask making machine
a. It can process 3M9001, 9002 and other folding mask bodies, and complete the processing in one time;
b. PLC automatic control, automatic counting;
c. Simple adjustment device, easy to change materials;
d. The mold adopts extraction and replacement method, which can quickly replace the mold and produce different types of masks.

5. Duckbill mask making machine
(1) Definition of duckbill mask making machine
The automatic ultrasonic duckbill mask making machine (duckbill mask making machine) is a machine that uses the principle of ultrasonic seamless welding to produce duckbill masks suitable for high-polluting industries. The body part of this machine mask can use 4~10 layers of PP non-woven fabric and filter materials (such as: melt blown cloth, activated carbon material, etc.), so as to produce finished mask products with various filter levels such as N95, FFP2. And this machine has a very high degree of automation. From feeding to finished products, all are one-line automated operations: raw materials are automatically fed, nose line conveying system, and the nose line can be automatically folded in the non-woven fabric, automatic folding and The finished product is cut and the breathing valve hole can be added automatically.
(2) Features of duckbill mask making machine
a. Fully automatic feeding system;
b. Folding forming system;
c. Ultrasonic heat sealing system;
d. The finished product produced by the duckbill mask making machine has a beautiful appearance;
e. Stable performance, high output, low defect rate and easy operation.

6. Bandage mask making machine
(1) Definition of bandage mask making machine
The strapping mask making machine adopts ultrasonic welding. A conveyor is set on the machine. The semi-finished mask is fed into the conveying device. It is wrapped by a drawing tube, and then pressed by an ultrasonic flower wheel. The strap is cut to output the finished product. One person needs to place the mask body on the conveyor belt of the machine, and the rest of the subsequent work is done automatically.
(2) Features of band-type mask making machine
a. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and the appearance is light and beautiful without rust;
b. Automatic counting, which can effectively control production efficiency and production schedule;
c. Frequency conversion control can adjust the operating speed of the equipment according to actual needs;
d. Pull the tube into the material, the positioning is more precise, the width of the raw material can be controlled to the minimum, and the cost is saved;
e. The length and dimension of the finished product are uniformly controlled with a deviation of ±1mm, which can effectively control the length of the finished product;
f. The equipment has a high degree of automation and low requirements on the operating staff, and only needs to discharge and arrange the finished products;
g. This machine adopts ultrasonic Taiwan system, Japanese transducer, stable performance and convenient operation;
h. The automatic ultrasonic welding wheel is made of imported high-quality steel DC53, which prolongs the life of the mold and is wear-resistant and durable.

Zhejiang Deguang's mask making machine adopts advanced technology and production technology. The machinery we produce has been loved and favored by customers all over the world. If you want to know more about the mask making machine, please contact us.

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