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The main structure and characteristics of computer high-speed gravure printing machine

Update time : 2020-10-15

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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The main structure and characteristics of computer high-speed gravure printing machine

Computer high-speed gravure printing machine

Computer high-speed gravure printing machine is a kind of high-efficiency printing equipment. Next, we will introduce eight points about the main structure and characteristics of the computer high-speed gravure printing machine.


1. Computerized high-speed gravure printing machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, PVCD and films, paper, cellophane and aluminum foil with the same performance. Its printing speed is 10×140 m/min, and its mechanical speed is 150 m/min.


2. Main drive structure: The main drive adopts vector frequency converter to control the vector motor to drive each group of printing plates, which has the characteristics of power saving.


3. Shaftless installation machine structure: the installation plate adopts air cylinder, the pulling mandrel installation plate, and the horizontal adjustment adopts screw movement. Features: shorten the replacement time, ensure concentricity, and improve product quality.


4. The structure of the scraper: the scraper can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily, the pressure of the scraper adopts a single cylinder, and the horizontal movement adopts a synchronous motor rotating cam movement. Features: Extended life


5. Imprinting lifter structure: Imprinting adopts double-cylinder booster and slider self-locking position to prevent leakage of the cylinder and prevent the cylinder from falling off. Features: Guarantee the average pressure and ensure the color difference.


6. Color manipulator: A computer-controlled synchronous motor is used to automatically color the decelerated club. Its characteristics are: rotating lubrication and high color accuracy.


7. The structure of the retractor: adopts dual stations, retractable tension and drawing, retractable traction tension adopts frequency conversion vector control speed. Features: accelerated color stability, no horizontal running board, for mass printing, it can save material, ink, solvent and energy. When the material speed is 120m/min, the material waste is about 10m, which is about 40m compared with three motors, ink, solvent and It saves about 20% and reduces the cost of main products.


8. Dry-cooling structure of the gravure printing machine: the oven is blown and sucked by a centrifuge, and the electric heating tube is heated in the tuyere of each group of ovens. The air volume heat cycle is formed in the oven. The temperature is controlled by an intelligent temperature controller, and the film is cooled by water cooling. Circulation wind. One circulation device for every two colors. Features: Save electricity.


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