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Comparison of flexo printing and gravure printing

Update time : 2020-11-12

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Comparison of flexo printing and gravure printing

Compared with flexo printing, gravure printing is generally considered to have high cost and long production cycle. Flexo printing has increased a lot due to the development of plate making, ink and printing machinery technology. Many jobs that led to gravure printing went to flexo printing. According to the survey, in the field of flexible packaging, gravure printing currently accounts for less than 40% of the market share. According to industry analysts, there are two reasons for this phenomenon:

gravure printingflexo printing and gravure printing compare

(1) In the gravure printing process, the various expectations of customers often lead to unnecessary processes and cause certain waste, which obviously increases the cost.

(2) The price of many flexo printing products is lower than the cost. However, does this mean that gravure is inferior to flexo? The following article makes an in-depth comparison of these two printing methods.

In terms of production technology, the printing of web materials, regardless of whether the gravure process or the flexo process is used, has almost the same requirements, and there is no difference between unwinding and winding, tension control, drying and monitoring systems. For the same job, gravure printing and flexo printing require similar workloads. The main difference between the two lies in the different processes used. Gravure printing uses an engraved cylinder, while flexo printing uses a soft and elastic printing plate. In addition, the investment in gravure printing is generally 20% to 30% higher than that of flexo printing.

Flexo printing and gravure printing have their own advantages. The advantages of flexo printing are: suitable for short-run printing, or printing of products whose design content changes frequently; if the original design is simple, the production cost is relatively low; it takes up less space and requires capital investment Less, less restrictive conditions. The advantages of gravure printing are: high printing endurance, very suitable for long-press printing, and can be printed repeatedly; good consistency of printed images; double-sided printing of web materials; continuous printing without joints; same as flexo printing Compared with products, the visual effects of gravure printing products are stronger and the quality is generally higher, so the progress and development of gravure printing are generally not noticeable. In fact, the progress of plate making and engraving technology and the direction of filmless electronic engraving Development has greatly improved the consistency of gravure prints.
flexo printing
Production cost: Although the cost of gravure printing is higher than that of flexo printing during printing, the cost difference between the two will be quickly reduced after printing multiple times for the fixed living body that needs to be printed repeatedly. If the design of the living body is basically unchanged for the next six months or more, the cost of gravure printing is relatively low. For long-press work, the life of the gravure cylinder can reach up to 1 million meters, but the life of the flexo resin plate is only 1/2 or even shorter. In addition, the downtime required for flexo printing is 2 to 3 percentage points longer than that of gravure printing.

Production cycle: Gravure printing has formed a set of strict and thorough work flow, from the original design to the Cromaline sample, to the final printed product, customers generally have to confirm step by step. This will undoubtedly lead to long-term production delays and increase production costs. In contrast, the workflow used in flexo printing is much simpler and more straightforward: it usually takes no more than four weeks from original design to delivery. In addition, the development and application of electronic engraving technology is also a big progress, it can realize the drum engraving multiple times, and greatly shorten the plate-making cycle.
It can be concluded from the above that both flexo printing and gravure printing are important printing processes, and both are under rapid development. Both have their own merits. In order to be able to compare these two processes better, it is necessary to develop a quantitative evaluation system for the evaluation of the image quality of printed matter, and use unified standards and parameters to compare flexo printed matter and gravure printed matter.

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