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What is the difference between flexo printing and gravure printing quality

Update time : 2020-12-29

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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What is the difference between flexo printing and gravure printing quality
Gravure printing and flexo printing are the main printing methods for flexible packaging. In everyone’s impression, gravure printing is of good quality, but it is polluted. Flexo printing is environmentally friendly, but some packaging cannot be achieved in terms of printing quality. It is not the case. How does the relevant data compare?

What is the definition of flexo printing?

Flexo printing is a direct rotary printing method, using a flexible raised image printing plate, the printing plate can be pasted on a variable-length printing plate cylinder; the printing plate is made of a metal ink roller engraved with ink holes (Anilox transfer roller) Ink is applied, and the anilox transfer roller is controlled by another ink roller or doctor blade.

Flexo printing can transfer liquid or grease-like ink to various printing materials. Although it still belongs to the category of letterpress printing, its printing plate, ink and embossing process are different from traditional letterpress printing, so List it independently as a printing method.
 gravure printing quality
What are the differences in product quality between flexo printing and gravure printing?
The printing quality mainly includes the following indicators: the number of screen lines, the amount of ink applied, the accuracy of overprinting, and the control factors of printing quality.

① Number of network cables. Four-plate printing can reach 70 lines/cm (175 lines/inch), while flexo printing can generally reach 48 lines/cm (120 lines/inch), and high-quality hierarchical flexo printing can reach 52-60 lines/cm. (133~150 lines/inch).

② Ink amount. In normal printing, the ink volume of concave, flexible, and offset printing is 4-8g/m2 for gravure, 3-5g/m2 for flexo, 0.8-2g/m2 (UV), and 1-2g/m2 for offset printing. Four printing, flexo printing and offset printing average ink volume ratio is 400%, 267% and 100%. It can be seen that the gravure prints can obtain the greatest brightness.

③ Overprint accuracy. Satellite type flexo printing machine and unit type gravure printing machine can obtain similar overprint accuracy, but unit type flexo printing machine is generally difficult to obtain the above accuracy.

④ Quality control factors. Compared with gravure printing, flexo printing has many factors affecting its quality, such as color separation, negative film, printing plate exposure, printing installation (installing the printing plate on the cylinder), tape thickness and quality. When using laser imaging to make a plate, a clearer image can be obtained: 1% of the dots and 60 lines/cm (150 lines/inch) can be achieved. Laser engraving can use rotary plate-making equipment to make sleeve-type flexo plates, which is also conducive to quality control.

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