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Maintenance and operation points of dry laminating machine in winter

Update time : 2021-01-08

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Maintenance and operation points of dry laminating machine in winter
In winter, the temperature is low and the air is dry. Many soft packaging factories often have many quality problems due to the compounding process, such as poor peeling strength after compounding, difficult to eliminate bubbles, and increased white spots, which cause a lot of economic losses to the enterprise. The following analyses and suggestions are made for the above-mentioned problems and how to control the quality of dry-type laminating machine during laminating in winter and the maintenance and operation points of dry laminating machine in winter for industry reference.
dry laminating machine in winter
Preparation method of bonding
When winter comes, because the temperature of the workshop warehouse is very low, the temperature of the adhesive itself is also low, and the leveling of the low temperature glue is poor. If it is prepared according to the summer preparation method, it will lead to poor dispersion and thinner After mixing with the glue, the dissolution will not be completely complete, and there will always be a small part of the rubber particles; poor leveling, the coating effect will be affected when the glue is applied, leading to the occurrence of the above-mentioned quality problems.
Therefore, when preparing glue in winter, three steps should be taken to eliminate the presence of rubber particles: It is best to put the adhesive and curing agent together at a place with a relatively high room temperature or curing room for a period of time before preparing the glue, and then proceed. Preparation and use. When formulating, first add the adhesive and curing agent to the appropriate amount of ethyl ester, gently stir and leave for half an hour, then add the curing agent to the adhesive, stir evenly and put it in the glue tank for use, so that the flow of glue The flatness will be further improved.

Maintenance and operation points of dry laminating machine
1. When entering winter, the rubber rollers on the laminating machine should be checked more. In general, the problems of the composite are mostly related to the rubber rollers. Because of the low temperature in winter, the softness and hardness of the rubber rollers will change, and they will appear hard and brittle. According to normal operation or pressure, problems may occur. According to the season, the pressure of the rubber roller should be increased during the winter compounding. If the rubber roller becomes hard or brittle, it should be replaced with a new rubber roller or worn.
2. The temperature of the drying tunnel is 5℃-10℃ higher than that in summer, and the oven temperature of some composite machines cannot be raised, so contact the equipment factory for modification.
3. Control the angle of the doctor blade and the matching force of the screen roll to control the amount of glue and coating uniformity.
4. Clean the screen roll in time, and clean it when not in use to prevent the screen roll from blocking the net.

Management of printing film and quilt film
1. After the printing is completed, if the printed film cannot be compounded immediately, it is best to put it in the curing chamber for heat preservation (now the new curing chamber is divided into 2 chambers, and the 2 chambers are divided into constant temperature chambers. The general temperature is between 30°C and 40°C. Mainly used to store PET and PA films). In this way, the printed film can retain a certain temperature, improve the leveling and dispersibility of the glue when applying glue, and increase the volatilization of the solvent.
2. The laminated film, such as PE, PP, aluminum plating, etc., should also be placed in the curing room 2 for a constant temperature before compounding, so as to increase the film's own temperature and increase the affinity between the two films, and it is not easy to have bubbles and white spots. Poor peel strength.
3. The quality and inferiority of the aluminized film also directly affects the quality of the composite, especially when the quality of the PET aluminized film is poor, bubbles and white spots are prone to appear. This is the experience obtained by many color printing factories from experiments in this area. . When the same printing film was replaced with two aluminized films, different quality conditions appeared.

The solvent used meets the national standard
In winter, the compound temperature is low, the solvent used must meet the national standard. If it does not meet the national standard, there are other solvents in the solvent or the water exceeds the standard. If the ethyl ester contains water, it will affect the dissolving ability of the glue, and the dispersibility will be poor. When the molecules are baked in the oven, the water vapor cannot escape, and it is adsorbed on the printing film, and bubbles are generated after compounding, which is lightly similar to the phenomenon of white spots. Therefore, the supplier must meet the national standard when using solvents in winter.

Above all is the maintenance and operation points of dry laminating machine in winter. More news and information can be found on the website of Zhejiang Deguang.

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