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Repair and maintenance of plastic soft packaging equipment (2)

Update time : 2020-11-03

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Repair and maintenance of plastic soft packaging equipment (2)

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Last time, we briefly understood the general process of maintenance of plastic soft packaging equipment. Today we will introduce to you the rules of routine maintenance and regular maintenance of plastic soft packaging equipment.

1. Routine maintenance of plastic soft packaging equipment
(1) Work items before equipment startup
①Clean the equipment and remove debris that has nothing to do with production.
②Check whether all indicating instruments, meters, operating buttons and handles, and emergency stop buttons are normal.
③Check all parts for water and air leaks.
(2) Inspection during equipment operation
①Pay attention to the working conditions of various instruments and meters, and whether there is any abnormal sound in each part.
② Pay attention to whether the safety parts are normal during operation.
③In case of abnormal situation, report to the person in charge of relevant department in time.
(3) Work items after finishing work
①Clean the exterior of the equipment, remove the production materials in the pipes and containers, and clean various parts.
② Drain the remaining water in the system, check the quality of the lubricating oil, and replenish the oil as needed.
③ Eliminate defects and faults found during operation.

2. Repair and maintenance of plastic soft packaging equipment
The regular maintenance of plastic soft packaging equipment is divided into: primary maintenance, secondary maintenance, and tertiary maintenance.

Primary maintenance: It is the basis of all levels of technical maintenance. Technical management departments at all levels must attach great importance to the quality of primary maintenance. Performed by professional maintenance workers. The main work content is mainly cleaning, lubricating and tightening, checking the operation and indicating instruments, meters, safety parts, various valves, lubricating oil level.

Secondary maintenance: The secondary maintenance of the equipment focuses on cleaning, inspection, adjustment and calibration. Performed by professional maintenance personnel. In addition to performing first-level maintenance items, and checking the lubricating oil condition of moving parts, cleaning various filters, checking the reliability of safety parts, eliminating hidden dangers, adjusting the fit of vulnerable parts, and the degree of wear of rotating parts , Calibrating and indicating instruments and meters, control instruments and measuring instruments, to extend the service life and maintain the technical performance of equipment.

Three-level maintenance: centered on disintegration, cleaning, inspection and adjustment. Disassemble and inspect gear transmissions and electromagnetic transmissions, remove dirt and coking, disassemble, clean, and inspect various components as necessary, remove hidden dangers, eliminate defects, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, perform rust removal, paint repainting, and inspect the equipment as necessary ,test.

Seasonal maintenance: The temperature difference between winter and summer is huge, and the working conditions of the equipment also change significantly. For this reason, before entering the winter and summer seasons, seasonal maintenance operations should be combined with secondary maintenance to avoid poor equipment performance and mechanical damage due to temperature changes.

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