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Advantages and workflow of dry laminating machine

Update time : 2021-01-11

Source : Zhejiang Deguang Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Advantages and workflow of dry laminating machine
There are many ways of material compounding. Common compounding processes include dry compounding and the advantages of dry laminating machine:
1. It is suitable for various roll-shaped substrates (cellophane, aluminum foil, nylon, paper PET, OPP, BOPP, CPP, NY, PE, etc.). The substrate has a high degree of freedom to choose and can produce composite films with various properties. Such as heat resistance, oil resistance, barrier properties, chemical resistance, etc.
2. When compounding polyethylene materials, there is no oxidative odor, better heat compatibility, and more environmentally friendly.
3. Higher strength than extruded composite products, smooth film and good rigidity.
4. It is suitable for multi-variety, small-quantity product compounding, and easy replacement of substrate and adhesive.
advantages of dry laminating machine
Dry laminating machine is mainly composed of hot pressing steel roller, hot pressing rubber roller, cooling roller, etc. The workflow of the dry laminating machine is as follows:
1. Preparation
First, install the guide rollers of the substrate according to the line direction, adjust the adhesive according to the proportion, and start the heating system of the oven. When the corresponding set temperature is reached, the transmission motor is turned on to start coating production. .
2. Coating
The substrate of the unwinding device must first pass through the anilox roller, glue and coat, and then pass through the drying tunnel for a dry bath to complete the coating process.
3. Compound
After the EPC gas-liquid correction enters the composite part, and is bonded to the base material of the second unwinding part, the composite process is realized.
4. Cooling and winding
After cooling the coil, the overall production and processing of the base material is completed. Pay attention to the following issues during production.
 (1) Adjust the flatness of the substrate by adjusting the position of the deflecting roller.
 (2) Adjust the composite pressure between the composite rollers by adjusting the relative distance between the two composite rollers.
 (3) By adjusting the tension clamp of the clutch and brake, the traction tension and winding tension of the substrate are controlled to make the machine run smoothly, so as to obtain a good coating quality and composite effect.

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